Agile Advisors provides LEED Consultancy

As an LEED Consultancy in Agile Advisors, the construction industry is transforming in Canada and globally due to the growing popularity of green building. Renovating or constructing a building to a green standard like LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) usually results in significant savings on energy, water, and maintenance expenses, decreased employee absenteeism, and increased productivity. Furthermore, building green is less expensive than you may imagine. LEED is not just a popular green building standard in Canada, but it's also a global frontrunner, rapidly gaining recognition and adoption worldwide. Globally, over 1.2 billion square meters of office and institutional space have earned LEED certification. An additional 160,000 square meters are verified every day. All upcoming buildings in Public Works and Government Services Canada, as well as over twenty Canadian municipalities (including Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa), must comply with LEED criteria. We anticipate higher adoption but with more focus on seeming to meet the minimum requirements at certification stages if these forces fuel an RTB.