Are You Leaving Advertising Revenues On The Table?

"The answer to that question is almost a certain “yes” if you head a daily, weekly, or monthly publication dependent upon local retail advertising revenues. As we wind down the hottest summer on record and turn the corner into September, it’s time to think about capturing more advertising revenues during the “make or break” critical months ahead.

Strategizing to maximize advertising revenues during the holiday season is obvious, but that is wildly shortsighted. If your advertising revenues are not accelerating in September long before anyone even begins thinking about Halloween, that is scary! Every geography, region, city, and town is unique, but all have festivals and sports-themed advertising drivers galore. Halloween, as most people know, is now surpassed only by holiday season spending, topping $10+ B last year, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). September through the end of the year is “spend season,” with more than a third of all retail sales happening just between Black Friday and Christmas alone."