Author: Anjalisawant

DNAwise wellness genetic test package.

DNAwise wellness is a genetic package that helps us know what type of workout and diet suit us. It is a type of genetic testing. It is a simple kit,... Read More

The demand of DNA test in India is increasing day by day.

DNA testing is realistic and essential for leading a healthy and active life because it is unique to each person and is therefore a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I strongly advise and... Read More

Genetic testing identifies individual's health status.

A genetic test is a medical procedure that examines a person's DNA to find gene mutations or variants that may be linked to a higher risk of developing a certain... Read More

Saliva DNA test a common concept.

Saliva DNA test is a common concept now. Everyone is interested in knowing about their genes, and we have an amazing product that helps you to determine your genetic factors. We... Read More