Interior Design
The perfect living room
How to organize space in your living room.
-Size of Side Tables
1. Choose a pair that matches the height and depth of sofa arms.
2. They should be about 3 inches shorter than sofa arms.
3. They should be within 2 inches of arm height.
-Distance from Sofa to Coffee Table
1. Coffee tables should be around 17 inches high and placed 18 inches from the sofa and chairs.
2. Round/square tables are best for square furniture grouping & oval/rectangular tables for rectangular groupings.
3. Clutter Of Tables with Multiple Heights.
-Distance from Sofa to TV
1. A good THUMB RULE is to keep the distance at 1.5 times the diagonal measurement of the TV screen.
2. The distance between the TV and seating depends on the room size and TV quality.
3. You can apply this to all seats or your preferred seating location.