Best Hammerless Revolvers of 2023

Hammerless revolvers, also known as hammerless or concealed hammer revolvers, are a type of firearm that lack an exposed hammer. They are designed with the primary purpose of providing a smooth and snag-free draw, making them particularly suitable for concealed carry and self-defense applications.

The hammer in a traditional revolver serves multiple functions. It can be manually cocked to achieve a lighter and more precise single-action trigger pull, or it can be left in the resting position for double-action trigger pulls. However, in hammerless revolvers, the hammer is either completely absent or concealed within the frame of the firearm.

The absence of an exposed hammer eliminates the risk of the hammer catching on clothing, holsters, or other objects during the draw, which can potentially impede the quick deployment of the firearm. By removing this external protrusion, hammerless revolvers offer a sleeker profile, minimizing the likelihood of snagging and facilitating a faster and smoother presentation of the firearm.

To fire a hammerless revolver, the trigger pull performs both the cocking and releasing of the internal hammer, thus firing the gun. This operation is known as double-action-only (DAO) and provides a consistent trigger pull for every shot, whether the revolver is fired in rapid succession or with deliberate aim.

Hammerless revolvers are available in various calibers and configurations to suit different preferences and needs. They are popular among concealed carry permit holders, law enforcement officers, and individuals seeking reliable and easily deployable self-defense firearms. Visit now to learn more and to see the best hammerless revolvers of 2023.