– Body building and power lifting competition from today

Jabalpur, Under the aegis of Central Sports and Arts Council, MP Popper Management Company Limited, Jabalpur, the 45th All India Power Sports Control Board's Body Building and Power Lifting Competition is being organized from 12th March to 13th March at Tarang Auditorium located at the headquarters of power companies, Jabalpur. Has been. Secretary of Central Sports and Arts Council, Alok Srivastava informed that more than 100 national and state level players from various power companies of the country are participating in this competition. The competition will be inaugurated at Tarang Auditorium, Rampur, Jabalpur on March 12 at 11 am under the chief hospitality of Engineer Sunil Tiwari, Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company and under the chairmanship of Rajeev Gupta, CGM of MP Power Management Company Limited and General Secretary of Central Sports and Arts Council. . Competition coordinator NB Chhetri said that today on the first day, there will be competitions in various categories of power lifting, which include competitions of 59 kg, 66 kg, 74 kg, 83 kg, 93 kg, 105 kg, 120 kg and more than 120 kg. . He has appealed to the audience for their presence.