DIY Plumbing: Fix Leaky Faucets!

Instructions on Fixing A Drippy Compression Faucet
Turn The Water Off
This may seem obvious but to many it is not so we’re including it; if you don’t you’re going to experience an unwanted shower and it’s gonna be cold LOL! Look under your sink and you will see a valve; it’s the one that shuts the water on or off for that particular valve- turn it all the way to the right and then turn on your actual kitchen tap to ensure no water is coming out.
Faucet Cap Removal
Look closely at the top of your faucet handle; you’re going to see there’s a cap of sorts there – it may be just one straight colour, or have a decorative flower on it or something. Use a flathead screwdriver and you’ll be able to pick/peel it right off of the handle. You’ll be left staring down at a screw that holds the handle in place.
Handle Removal
About that screw/packing nut is another name for that piece – undo it and then pull the stem of the handle off; depending on what make you have it will either pop right off or you may have to twist it. It might be stuck on there pretty tight; if that’s the case then use something to loosen it up such as WD-40.
O –Ring & Washer Removal
You will now be looking at the O-ring and its accompanying washer. Take note of their position and remove them. Take the new ones and place them exactly as you saw the old ones sitting.
Work In Reverse
It’s just like retracing your steps when you’ve lost something: everything you just did to take apart that handle, you must do in reverse in order to reassemble your faucet together.
If you turn your faucet on and off and note there are no more drips: Congrats! You Did it! No more drips!