Evergreen Sprinkler and Landscaping Services

Evergreen Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation Services
When you use or upgrade to a digital controller, you can effectively water your landscaping with multiple programs and start times, or even turn off allocated areas that are not in need of water.

This has proven to be a reliable operating system by choosing the right controller and valves from leading manufacturers. Toro, Irritrol, Hunter and Rain-bird are a few of the top brands that we install. Rain sensors are a great addition to any system to save on water and energy. It will automatically turn your system on and off depending on the amount of rainfall. We have rain sensors that can be installed on any system, including wired and wireless units. An alternative to electric valves and controllers is called an indexing valve system with a pins and wheel timer. It operates on a siphoning system to advance to the next zone. Rust produced from wells can be treated with a chemical injection rust tank system to reduce or eliminate staining on driveways, walkways and buildings. We have monthly maintenance programs available upon request. Drip systems are a great alternative from traditional systems to irrigate and avoid over spraying in planters and small garden areas. These are also convenient for high rise balconies and penthouse apartments. We install pumps from 1 ½ HP to 30 HP. Sta-Rite, Goulds, Weg and Baldor are some of the brands available. We stock many parts and have experienced technicians to install standard residential pumps as well as large pump stations for HOA communities, strip malls, office complexes, etc.