How to Cancel a Ride Booked on AloApp

Canceling a Trip

We book rides wanting to go somewhere, but it is not like we always go with our plans. It is normal to have a change of heart and cancel trips. Riders can cancel the requested rides if there is any change of plans and they no longer feel like taking it. AloApp lets users cancel their trips with relative ease with which they book trips.

Riders can cancel their trips anytime after booking. They may have valid reasons not to go along as planned. AloApp lets riders do this with the help of the cancellation option. Similarly, drivers can cancel rides if they can not accept ride requests from riders.

How to Cancel a Trip?

AloApp intends to provide a seamless experience for users. So, AloApp makes navigating to the app features easy for them. As a result, users can carry out cancellations with relative ease. You can follow the steps below to cancel a ride.

Step 1: Open the AloApp on your device.

Step 2: In the ride history, riders can find the list of booked rides. Users then have to select the respective ride they wish to cancel.

Step 3: Riders have to tap Cancel and Confirm to cancel rides.

Step 4: Riders may want to state the reason behind the ride cancellation.