The Indian practice ascribes the work to Patanjali. Much disarray has been brought about by the late middle age customs of conflating Patanjali, the creator of the syntactic Mahabhaya, with the creator of a similar name who composed the Yoga Sutras. However the two works in Sanskrit are totally divergent in language like Odia, style and topic. Moreover, before the hour of Bhoja (eleventh 100 years), Sanskrit creators didn't conflate the creators, and treated them independently. Also, current grant shows that these two creators are isolated in time by about si hundred years. A third Patanjali is some of the time likewise created, a creator on medication, to finish up the importance of Bhoja's section that said a solitary Patanjali restored discourse through punctuation, the brain through yoga, and the body through medication. In any case, no significant work of medication by a Patanjali is known to Sanskrit writing. Patanjali took materials about yoga from more established customs, and added his own illustrative entries to make the bound together work that, beginning around 1100 CE, has been viewed as crafted by two individuals As per Maas, this implies that the earliest analysis on the Yoga Sutras, the Bhaya, that has normally been credited to some obscure later writer Vyasa (the manager), was as a matter of fact Patanjali's own work Various kinds of Yoga aashana and their advantages are accessible in this book.