Professional Courses for all Streams

Professional Courses for all Streams
High School graduates ready to take off? This guide will provide a way for you to understand better about the professional courses after 12th grade.
Many students today enroll in professional courses right away after completing school so as to get early job training to expand their career chances. But, with a lot of choices to select from, there are chances that students can get confused about which degree to take and which to pursue as a profession.

What is a Professional Course?
A professional course is an educational course that is focused to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the student in a particular professional domain through training.
Professional courses are specifically designed so that the learner is better equipped with the professional and practical requirements of an industry.

Professional Courses are in the following categories:
Certification programmes: These are Short-term courses aimed to provide students with sills, fundamental information and training in the topic.

Diploma Courses: These are shorter than degree courses and many students prefer them after completing their 12th grade as they help students build the required skills and prerequisites for the professional sector in a shorter amount of time.

Degree Courses: These are full-time professional courses that provide students with proper education and preparation for a career in the field.

Training Courses: These are practical courses that teach students specific skills required for a professional industry.

Here we have listed some of the top professional courses that you can take up after class 12th:

Law: Law is one of among the most “in demand” professional fields to choose after passing out from school, and students from a variety of fields may consider a future in law.
Professional courses under Law may include:
Bachelor of Law (LLB) – 3 Years
Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws – 5 Year
Diploma in Bu