The single chamber Tek-DP 1610A Single Chamber Orifice Fittings are made for accurate flow monitoring in gas and oil applications using an easy-to-use plate removal method. It is also possible to measure liquid flow with these fittings. Tek-Trol makes sure that every single chamber fitting is put through a rigorous testing process under pressure in order to maximize user and system safety.

The ANSI, AGA/API, and ASTM criteria for pressure tap integrity, positive plate seal, seal protrusion, and eccentricity are followed in the manufacturing of the single chamber fittings. These single chamber orifice fittings come in a variety of pipe sizes, ranging from 2′′ to 48′′, and can be fitted in either vertical or horizontal line. Without having to physically remove the meter from the line, these fittings make it simple to replace or inspect orifice plates in a depressurized flow line.
The situations where changing the orifice plate under pressure is hazardous and a nominal shutdown time is allowed are the best fits for the Tek-DP 1610A Single Chamber Orifice Fittings. There is no need to spread the flanges or remove the flange bolts during the plate removal process. This keeps process fluid from possibly leaking and protects the operators.