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"Premier Kidney Care in Erode at Kalyani Kidney Care Centre"

KALYANI KIDNEY CARE CENTRE Discover the best kidney healthcare at Erode! Our services include: - Urology - Nephrology - Andrology Located at Sampath Nagar, Erode Contact Us: 99425 26126 Visit our website: #KidneyCare #ErodeHealthcare... Read More

Kalyani Kidney Care Centre KIDNEY DISEASE can pose serious risks to your health. Don't wait! Reach out to us for the best KIDNEY TREATMENT by our expert Urologist. Located... Read More

Oral Signs that Could Indicate Kidney Problems Take action on early signs of kidney issues! Consult our expert nephrologist, Dr. P. Shrijjaa (MD, DM - Nephrology). đź•’ Consulting Hours: Morning: 9:00 AM... Read More

Introduction: Dealing with persistent urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be uncomfortable and concerning, significantly impacting quality of life and potentially indicating underlying health issues. However, proactive steps can help manage and... Read More

“Recognize the Signs of Acute Kidney Disease”

Kalyani Kidney Care Centre is here to help you identify and manage acute kidney disease. Be aware of the following symptoms: • Decreased urine output • Fluid retention • Breathlessness • Fatigue • Confusion • Nausea •... Read More

KALYANI KIDNEY CARE CENTRE Your health matters to us! At Kalyani Kidney Care Centre, we offer comprehensive screening options for kidney disease to ensure your kidneys are in top shape.... Read More